Its LIFESTYLE THURSDAY on EB , Im gonna be sharing some very few tips on how to quit smoking . Some posts back i started a post on smoking . This is the fourth in series.

Riding out that cravings you are so used to , Saying No to something that is a part of you take s a lot of effort and determination .Smoking is a very bad habit to form which damages your health unknowingly and affecting others around you . In my previous post i asked everyone an important question – WHY MUST YOU SMOKE ? I also asked WHY DO THEY SMOKE  ?

I’m gonna be sharing some tips and advice which would help to stop this addictive habit . Know that Rome was not built in a day .

1. Determination . The first step to victory over smoking is determination . You have to be determined in your heart and mind that this is bad . You have to come to the realization of this . You need to let it sink inside you. Once you are determined , then you are on the right path forward.

2. Get rid of ashtrays, lighters, and all cigarettes. Yeah this is very important . Know that smoking is an addiction . Even sometimes when you are determined , you might just be tempted by the sight of that ash tray , lighters and even use the pack of the cigarettes

3 Involve and tell everyone of your decision . You cant go through this on your own , you need the support of your family , friends , loved ones , who care about you.

4.Make a list of harmful effects of smoking . This would help you know the damage you are causing to your self .This may help you to organize yourself when your will power would be about to leave you.keep them with you , Refer to them when tempted to light up. You may wish to read a separate leaflet in this series, called ‘Smoking – The Facts’. This gives the reasons why smoking is so harmful and lists the benefits of stopping. In one of the series i  put up SOME REASONS PEOPLE SMOKE

5.Get a new habit . To  kill an old addiction /habit , you need to get a new one .

6. Choose the best way of stopping that suits you .Some people stop by reducing the amount of cigarettes consumed daily , some stop by having a total abrupt stop . whichever you think suits you best . Please do .

7. Dont give in . Yeah don’t give in to that little voice saying “its just one stick” . Very tempting but just say no .Dont be fooled to thinking you can have just one , you might just end up taking a whole pack and you are definitely back at killing yourself.

8. Get new friends. If you have some friends that smoke and don’t want to stop , then you have to run away from them as far as possible .They might just be that setback for you in having a better life . o forge ahead and you will definitely meet new friends that would help and encourage you .

9.Try Nicotine replacements . Stopping is not easy ,so instead of giving in to smoking , try out some replacements like Some patches, gums and lozenges, which are available over-the-counter. Nicotine nasal spray and the nicotine inhaler are available by prescription, as are the stop-smoking medications bupropion (Zyban) and varenicline (Chantix).Also, medicines called bupropion (trade name ‘Zyban®’) and varenicline (trade name ‘Champix®’) can help.

10. Weight gain . Some if not most people worry that if they loose weight they would increase in size. Well sure there would be improved health habits , your appetite would improve , so try not to increase fatty or sugary foods as snacks. Try sugar-free gum and fruit instead.

11.Prepare for withdrawal symptoms. Yeah sure you have to know this ahead.When you stop smoking, you are likely to get symptoms which may include: nausea (feeling sick), headaches, anxiety, irritability, craving, and just feeling awful. These symptoms are caused by the lack of nicotine that your body has been used to. They tend to peak after 12-24 hours, and then gradually ease over 2-4 weeks.

12.Go online. Join an online stop-smoking program. Or read a quitter’s blog and post encouraging thoughts for someone else who might be struggling with tobacco cravings. Learn from how others have handled their tobacco cravings.


Yes you too !!! if you have any more ideas and suggestions , do feel free to drop it in the comment box below.

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  1. Im feeling really good when im smoking..
    That benefits me. ..because when i came to college i was like a shy personality..Many peoples are calling me mad..but when i started smoking,my personality is changed shy and anxiety is one is calling me mad..i got more relationships..what should i do?

  2. Most resourceful tips I’ve seen, thanks for putting this out there!

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