It seems that the air is unfit for travel or the planes are not just in the right mood for flying because the rate of air mishaps of recent is really scary .

Just this morning ,  a plane belonging to IRS airline crash landed at the Kaduna International Airport, North-West Nigeria at about 9:14 am after departing Murtala Muhammad International Airport in Lagos by 8am . The plane which is still on the runway was conveying 105 passengers from Lagos developed a landing gear problem.

Reacting to the incident , The Managing Director of IRS, Mr Yemi Dada said “ On final approach to Kaduna today on our flight 3390 with 89 passengers, our cockpit crew got a low hydraulic in system 1 warning and decided to take precautionary measures to ask for ground confirmation that all gears were down and locked and the aircraft landed normally after the control tower had confirmed that the gears were all down normally.
The crew proceeded to land but followed procedure to disembark on the runway and not taxi in accordance with the procedure.”
“All passengers disembarked normally and the aircraft was towed to ramp. The maintenance crew are inspecting to confirm the issue that caused the warning to the crew. Updates will follow shortly “

The airport has been closed down temporarily with passengers completely evacuated.

“The plane had a landing gear fault which has expired for a long time. This caused a tyre burst of the plane during landing.

“However, there are no casualties or serious damage to the plane and no injury is recorded .All the passengers landed disembarked safely and prompt rescue operation was conducted,” the source said.

I wonder what is happening in the country , just this month 3 air mishaps and faults. May God save and help us  all .



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