I’ve heard of women giving birth on and in weird places. Some have given birth in tricycles , some in the market place , some in the bus etc.

This is the first of its kind from my knowledge o.
The Arik air flight with over 100 passengers bound to london was forced to make an emergency landing in Palmas , Spain as one of its passengers went into labour and delivered the baby while the aircraft was airborne.
The mother was said to have experienced excessive haemorrhaging , hence the emergency landing for medical attention.
More gist after the cut. , so continue readingCongrats to the mother and child “Arik baby” but also I think she might be in a little trouble with the Civil aviation organization as a full term pregnant woman is not supposed to board a flight.
Hmmmmm …….

The management of the airline says no woman gave birth on their plane.

A statement by Arik on Monday explained that contrary to claims that the pregnant woman gave birth aboard the flight on Sunday, the woman only suffered a miscarriage.

The statement signed by Arik’s Public Relations and Communications Manager, Mr. Adebanji Ola, also stated that the woman in question was 12 weeks pregnant.

The statement said, “The Arik Air flight W3 101 which departed Lagos for London Heathrow on Sunday, diverted to Palma Mallorca Airport, Spain at 5:44pm due to urgent medical attention for a 12-week pregnant woman on board.

“The passenger reportedly developed severe pain during the course of the flight. The pain was later coupled with bleeding with a suspected miscarriage.

“The passenger, who was initially attended to by two medical doctors on board the flight, was 12 weeks pregnant. She was later transferred to a hospital in Mallorca for further medical attention. This is contrary to a report in some papers to the effect that a woman gave birth on board Arik flight to London.”

The statement added that the flight later departed Mallorca at 8pm for London Heathrow.

The statement explained that the pregnant woman did not indicate her pregnancy status to the airline’s Passenger Service Agents at check-in and because her pregnancy was 12 weeks, the
team didn’t notice her status.

So who do we believe ?? The airline who might be trying to protect their name and run from trouble and may be saying the truth or the Gist that a woman actually gave birth on the aircraft.


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