This short letter is a letter to most if not all upcoming artiste so its a must read.

Let me quickly respond to an upcoming artiste “YOU KNOW YOURSELF” if your Keened on free promotion, then your a lazy hustler and your Shine will sure be as slow as cooking Beans with Microwave…No hard feelings but I heard you saying Radio always want to charge for song promotion. Well maybe you still don’t know how hard it is to start up a Radio station, maintain it, and properly serve the public.

You think they don’t pay for each show they run on radio channel? Or you think radio service is free? They pay bills, so it is for you as an upcoming artiste when you Blow up, you will charge 1M for shows etc… And until then, you need to Sacrifice some Box to get your hustle right..

**why not call Olamide or Wizkid and tell them u need a free collabo just to promote u??

Same apply to bloggers you think we ask you for peanuts because we want to eat your money? My friend we pay BILLS.. And HUGE one for that matter since Nigeria’s server is bad, most of us pay in US DOLLAR.. So stop begging around for anything free if you need to Be @ d top..

Even if your good, you need show appreciation but u just turn Bloggers/radio channels to Charity organisation**

If you don’t know how bloggers/media strive and work hard to be where they are to be able to make you shine on the front Millions, try opening a Blog/radio station and make it popular you will know what it takes. I rest my Case.

What do you think. ??? This letter is on behalf of bloggers , radio stations etc.


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  1. True talk, u’ve said it all. There is a price to pay for everything, kudos

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