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This post is a quickie on Just 16 most common reasons people smoke. Smoking kills! That’s what everybody including the smokers say. In spite of knowing the fact, they can make any excuse to get out just for a cigarette drag. Many people wonder why people smoke cigarettes. There are many reasons to it, like the company that they keep, cigarette addiction, curiosity about what exactly a cigarette is, or even to while away time.

Reason #1: Its an Addiction

Nicotine is one of the most addictive substances on earth. Some doctors claim it’s more addictive than heroin and cocaine. Not only does it stimulate the brain, but it enters the bloodstream and calms the nerves. It’s known as a biphasic effect. It keeps smokers coming back for more.After smoking for years, the body gets used to the nicotine that flows through the blood. So, people tend to feel the urge for a cigarette, that is a source of nicotine which can be provided to the body.

Reason #2: They’re Psychologically Dependent

Many people who smoke have become accustomed to the dual effects of being more alert and simultaneously calm. That’s why people often say “they need a smoke” when they’re anxious. They develop a mental dependency on cigarettes to help them cope with problematic situations.

Reason #3: Social Integration

 is a social habit. When others around you are , you practically feel like you should be doing the same. In a way, it’s a bonding activity that makes it easier to talk with others who are . Many people consider themselves “social smokers,” but over time they will begin to smoke cigarettes outside of social events.

its hard keeping this one on one hand and the ...

its hard keeping this one on one hand and the camera on the other. 🙂 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Reason #4: They’re Mirroring Others

As a young adult, it’s natural to look up to others. It’s also natural to mirror their actions. Sometimes, that means wearing the same style of clothing. Other times, it means . This is one of the main reasons young people start smoking. They see adults doing it. Plus, they see the celebrities they adore doing it. Mirroring these people is often the catalyst to the habit. Its on Tv , Movies etc. So why shouldn’t they want to be like their celebrities.

Reason #5: Peer Pressure

When a person’s peers smoke cigarettes, he is more likely to begin smoking. Though peer pressure is most common amongst young people, it also affects adults. Most people have a natural tendency to conform. If their friends smoke, they often smoke (or they find new friends). Oddly, this happens despite the knowledge of the damage that results from smoking. The fear of being labeled the “black sheep” of a group often proves strong enough to move us to sacrifice our long-term health.

Reason #6: They Enjoy Smoking

Every smoker knows what smoking does to their body. When you ask one of them why they smoke cigarettes, they’ll usually respond that they like smoking. That’s both true and false. In reality, it’s like someone saying they enjoy using heroin. The fact is, because of it’s addictive nature, they can’t stand not using heroin. The same is true for smokers. They don’t actually enjoy smoking. They simply don’t like how they feel (less alert, more anxious) when they’re not smoking.

Reason #7 Weight Control

Whether young or old, some people smoke to control their weight. Smokers, on the average, weigh seven pounds less than non-smokers. Smoking reduces a person’s appetite. It lessens his/her sense of taste and smell. This could be why ex-smokers gain weight after quitting cigarettes. Food tastes and smells so much better.There was a rumor, that models smoke to lose weight. It is not that true, but there is a logic behind it. Cigarette reduces appetite, which in turn does not make you much hungry. Ultimately, if you don’t eat, wouldn’t you lose weight? Obviously, you would. I know you wouldn’t want to buy this but yes, some people do smoke to lose weight.

Reason #8 Experimentation /Adventure

As teen mostly , the spirit of adventure and experiments flow deeply especially when something is forbidden they would loved to dare the consequences and feel good with it especially when not caught in the act. This relates to cigarettes too. In places like In Massachusetts it is against the law for anyone under 18 years old to smoke. Usually parents do not allow their under age teens to smoke. Therefore, smoking becomes very attractive. It is exciting to get cigarettes and sneak away to smoke without being caught.

Reason #9 to look and be cool

 If their friends or peers smoke, they may feel pressured into doing the same to be accepted. Most of the teenagers think that smoking is ‘cool’ and a fun thing to do. One more reason to it is that if they have been in an environment where smokers have been there, for instance, their parents, they tend to get curious about that 84mm long stick. As they grow up and become independent, they try smoking, which eventually leads to addiction.

Reason #10

Since teens see older people all around them smoking, especially their parents and relatives, they smoke to act older. 

Reason #11 To feel relaxed

This happens to mostly adults. They may have a lot of stress and pressures because of economic and personal problems. They may be unemployed or working but not making enough money to take care of themselves and their families. They may be homeless, or they may be dealing with alcohol or cocaine/heroin addictions. Some may be in bad marriages or relationships in which there is physical and/or verbal abuse. All these people may smoke to feel relaxed or to give them energy while going through a hard time.

What Motivates People To Smoke

Reason #12 Stress Removal

Most of the working people smoke as they think that a puff of nicotine reduces their stress levels and makes them feel relieved. This happens as cigarettes create conditions that help the body to deal with anxiety, depression or stress.

Reason #13 To think properly

There was a research which showed that people smoke so that they can think properly. It make not seem to make much sense, but smoking helps to shut distractions which makes the mind think better.

Reason #14 Relaxing Breath

While smoking, the way you breathe makes you calm and relaxes your mind. Some people who suffer from panic attacks, or high stress levels, need to breathe easy, that is, inhaling, holding the breath in your lungs for a few seconds and then exhaling it. This is just like the cigarette smoking act and this is why people smoke when they are stressed.

Reason #15 Finally,

Finally, there are people who say they love to smoke. Smoking gives them pleasure. It just makes them feel good

Reasons for smoking varies  and differ from smoker to smoker. Cigarette smoking is injurious to health. But people actually don’t feel like quitting it as they prefer lighting a cigarette, than lighting up their lives.


CIGARETTE (Photo credit: Fried Dough)Adults smoke for other reasons.

Source: Buzzle( Madhumita Shivade) ,cigaretteszoom.com


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  1. I feel good when im smoking..bcoz when i came to college i was like a shy persobality.I really thought that in having social anxiety disorder.I felt fear,anxiety etc.when im facing people or crowd.now there is no problem.what shold i do?

  2. I feel good when im smoking..bcoz when i came to college i was like a shy persobality.I really thought that in having social anxiety disorder.I felt fear,anxiety etc.when im facing people or crowd.now there is no problem.what shold i do?

  3. please don’t smoke

  4. Be SMART! Don’t START!

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