Smoking has become a way of life for most people especially in the western part of the world . This habit has successfully encroached into Africa .

Most people that smoke started from their young adolescence age. Funny enough , on every packet of cigarettes , the government and surgeons warn that it is dangerous and harmful to their health. But nevertheless , tobacco companies make more profit annually .


Some argue that smoking is just cool and doesn’t get you high. Well you are so wrong . Tobacco contains a drug substance called nicotine . Yes they do get you high, especially if you wait 12-24 hours between each cigarette. It’s called a “nicotine high” and it involves a rush of dopa mine to the head.

Melinda says that

I smoke because I like the smell, the taste, and the feeling of smoking. I also smoke when I’m stressed because I feel that it calms my nerves.

I started smoking because I was bored one day and figured “I’m 19 and I never bought a pack of cigarettes, I think I will because I can!”. Of course I’m different from most people, and this isn’t why most people start. On a side note, my mom smoked when she was pregnant with me. I read in a couple places that this really increases your chance of smoking. And one more thing: my half-brother (who I never lived with) smokes, and so the smell used to remind me of him. It’s really a bunch of reasons why I started.

It usually happens the first time that they light up and that first cigarette is what gets you addicted. You become addicted to the nicotine in the cigarette and once the nicotine goes away your body starts to crave it and you can get headaches and feel irritable. To combat those negative feelings you will light up again and the cycle repeats itself. That first high is probably the only high you will get from cigarettes since tolerance to it develops quickly and from that time you will simply smoke to chase away your withdrawal symptoms.

For the next few days , I would be writing a series of post on the smoking syndrome . So expect . Before that i would love to get opinions from you all on why people smoke.



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