Hello EB readers, Y’all know twitter is a mad house filled with different types of people n personalities, so we took our time to select out our top 10 craziest n funniest tweeps, most of u already have them on your TL bet if you don’t, your missing a lot.. No time let’s go straight 2 business

10. @ThaVampirella : this is one crazy chick u dnt wanna mess with, shez very sarcastic n wud make u laff your butt out especially when she replies a quiz, we also think shez a feminist. Shez a must follow
9. @Nnamddyy :this is one crazy man u fan, u dnt der hype ur club around him, his tweets are always on point n crazy, he’s good at putting fire during tweet fights n makes it interesting. He’s a must follow

8. @iamhighdee : I’m sure most of yall know dis crazy dude, he sure had to make d list he is known for his humorous tweets and also funny P blocking tactics
7.. @Phlames : this dude is not only known for his abs showing Avis but also his very hilarious tweets and replies dat will surly crack u up, he is a must follow
6.@proud_EkitiGirl :I’m sure most of u follow her, she is one of twitter’s funniest chicks even with her 10k followers shez quit humble too, shez known for asking very hilarious questions. Shez a must follow
5. @walesleek : this is one of twitters craziest n sure had to make d list, hez very controversial n has a bad mouth u dnt wanna tweet fight him, he’ also known 4 his hilarious tweetz, hez a must follow
4.@I_am_akhmed; this dude ryt here is one of our favourite , he is known 4 d funniest replies to a quiz, his tweets will make u laff ur butt out, u dnt der famz around him, hez a must follow

3. @nickduchess: I’m sure most of u kno dis chick, shez one of our favourite twitter chickz, shez cute, hilarious and mean sumtimes I guess dats y we love hur, dnt even think of tweetfighting her coz u GO WOUND o, shez a must follow
2.@Tweetest_boi: this dude will surely replace tweetoracle if he retires, his tweets are the most hilarious u cn find, even his bio says it all, if u think Guys dnt hav bad mouth den uv not met dis dude, hez surely a must follow
1. @Super_spotter : if ur not following this dude, u better delete ur account and if u gbagaun alot den u shud avoid him, the hilarious phrases he replies your gbagaun tweets with will make every1 laff so hard ud wanna log out, he sure rocks our TL n he tops the List as our funniest n craziest tweep on twitter

I hope yall enjoyed the list, if u didn’t make it, just keep on being ur self, ud surely make another list someday, from us we say “be positive and Stay tweeting”

dont forget to follow me @ev3atese.

List compiled by evateseblog —–>@ev3atese

If you have people that you think should be on our next list please drop their twitter handle in the comments box below.


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