Hello EB readers , Today on RELATIONSHIP GURU i’m going to share a readers story with you he needs your advice.

Hello everyone , My name is ———- {best kept anonymous}. I have a girlfriend and i love her but she says she doesn’t want to have sex with me . At first i thought it was just the initial drag most girls bring up when they want to be sure the guy wont leave.

We’ve been dating for a year now  and i love her like crazy  but she doesn’t want to have sex at all.  Sometimes we have little foreplay but she withdraws after a while .

After a year of our relationship , and being faithful to her and hoping she sees how serious i am with her, she still maintains her stand that she doesn’t want to have sex . I thought it was me she didn’t want to have it with with . But after serious discussion with her she its not just me but she wants to maintain herself till she wants to get married.

What keeps me wondering is that shes not even a virgin. She said she was dis-virgined by a friend of hers and since then shes maintained it till now .

I love her very much but body no be wood o! what should i do ? please help me




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