Same day as  3-storey building collapsed in lagos , its equivalent happened in Kaduna ,Nigeria as  101-year-old three-storey building located at Hadeja Road by Ibrahim Taiwo , Gombe Road very close to the Sheikh Gumi Central Market collapsed on Thursday at 2.32 p.m, throwing the entire area into fear and confusion.collapsed  . Only  five children, a woman and one other man being the lucky ones to be rescued early.

Sources say the rescue operation was hindered by lack of equipment to carry out the operation, as some of the trapped victims hit the walls of the collapsed building, screaming for help. A middle-aged woman who lived at the collapsed building fainted on seeing the ruins, after shouting “my children, my children!” She was taken to one of the nearby hospitals by men of the state’s Operation Yaki.

The building  had its three top floors as residential homes, while the ground floor was used for trading.

The rescue efforts did not leave out the big names as Governor Muktar Yero and his deputy, Nuhu Bajoga, cut short other state functions to participate. They were said to have called relevant agencies to move down their rescue equipment to the site of the collapsed building.

Bajoga later sent the manager of one of the construction firms in the state, PWD, to ask for bulldozers and other equipment to hasten the rescue operation

Eye witnesses said the building which served as both residential and commercial, cracked and as it began to go down, many people inside rushed out but unfortunately, two people including a woman sustained injuries and were rushed to a private hospital for treatment.

One old woman, Hajiya Sharafat was wailing as, according to her, her children and grand children were feared trapped in the debris.

Executive Secretary of the State Emergency Agency, Mr. Dogo Makama, could not give details of the casualties as they were making effort to rescue those trapped.

The case of one Mallam Mohammed, was pathetic. “My pain is that there is no one here to bring him out for me. I do not know if he is already dead or still alive. Please, somebody should help,” he said, desperately seeking the whereabouts of his son. At the time he was speaking, no rescue team had been able to go for the trapped victims.

The emergency management organisations at the scene were just watching. His son had gone to the building to buy an item when it collapsed.

Similarly, one man simply referred to as Ade said his friend was under the collapsed building and hoped he could be still alive.

“My friend is there and I cannot do anything to help him. This is miserable,” he lamented.

The collapsed building, located within the central market, housed many shops.


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