Guys and lies are synonymous with each other , its like bread and butter an inseparable pair.

Today on EB , we would be looking into Guys and Lies. Most ladies can attest to this fact that lying has become a part of them. Why do guys lie ? is it in their nature?  well all these question would be answered here.

Lying is a term known to be mostly associated with Guys. Though everybody both Guys and Ladies lie at some time . For example ladies tend to lie about how much they spent shopping , how good their partners are etc.  we are looking at this from the relationship context. Sometimes i ask myself  ,Do men lie because they are selfish, egotistical, callous and self seeking? Do men lie because they are not in touch with their emotions and are not as liable for their lies as the women who fall for them? What do you think?

We often hear ladies say words like “men are liars” “hes a lying bag”etc. You should have in mind that Guys are accustomed to the lying pattern. They even lie to other men , so it feels and seems natural  to lie to ladies.Men lie to their co-workers; they get together in bars to drink and to lie to each other about their role in “the war,” about their income, the amount of their debt, what their car will do, etc.

Some experts say that men lie more often than women , the lies men tell out number women’s lies, on average men lie six times a day more than women.  When you see some men  lying you begin to  wonder if they were born with the gift of lying. some lie for a living, some are so talented that when they tell some lies you would question yourself if you sure about what you are saying.

The question ladies should ask themselves is why they keep on falling for the same lie every time ?  These guys lie about their emotions , what they have and so on .  The truth is that the way guys are fashioned is different from ladies. They always try to protect their ego and maintain that pride of being a MAN.

The lies guys tell is to just to make themselves feel good. yeah selfish! Even when caught they deny it to the last. Their lies comes in various shapes , colors and sizes and hell yeah they always brag about their inner size to their mates(you know what i am talking about) Size seems to matter more to men than it does to most women.

Men don’t seem to think it’s a lie if it’s for a good cause: to avoid hurting someone’s feelings, for example (especially their own), or to get sex (they believe they’re entitled), or to get out of sex.

If you have been lied to by every man you have ever met, every man you ever cared about and every man you ever loved, had the man you adore look you in the eyes and lie to you, then you are not alone. You are among the millions of women who don’t understand why men lie. Why do men lie about what they feel, what they think about you, what they desire? Why cant he just tell you the truth? If wondering why men lie has driven you crazy, kept you up at night and even driven you to tears then you deserve some answers…

So Why Do Men Lie So Much?
Have you often asked yourself.why do men lie so much? I’m sure like 90% of the female populations answer is YES, too many times.we all hate being lied to. Most ladies dont want to hear the truth , yet they complain that men are liars.

The only time we want to be lied to is when we ask…does my bum look big in this! Unfortunately it seems to me a trait of the male species, they can’t help lying. Sometimes they lie about the most stupid pointless things and leave us wondering why men lie about these things. Sometimes they are rubbish liars and ladies can spot a lie a mile away. Other times however the man can weave a deep web of deceit and lies and we don’t even realize it.

lies make it easier for them to live in their “perfect world” that they all want so badly. men are lies.

But here’s the reality: men are not the “natural liars.” Rather, women lie to themselves. The number one reason why men frequently and repeatedly lie to women is to help these women maintain their delusional fantasies of the “ideal man.”



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