Our celebrity for the week is a renowned music video director , the ceo of Capital dreams , film maker ,the best producer of African music videos and One of Naija’s Best Music Video Directors. He is Clarence Abiodun Peters

Clarence Abiodun Peters Aged 30,born in Ibadan , Nigeria to entertainment icons , popular Afrojuju singer, Shina Peters and veteran nollywood actress Clarion Chkwura who gave birth to Clarence when she was 17 through the romance between her and Shina Peters.

Clarence Peters is synonymous with top quality musical videos and he has been responsible for stamping the works of lots of musical artistes deep inside our minds with those great musical videos that we just love to watch. He has achieved most of what he has without necessarily climbing on the backs of his parents .He has worked with artistes across a variety of genres and generations, making successes out of their music videos. Clarence has put his stamp of quality on a host of musical videos shot within and outside the country. He has also shot a good number of documentaries, TV commercials, short films and TV features.
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When you think about Music Videos in Nigeria, the default icon your mind select is definitely Clarence Peters. Some have said in the past that he is one of the best directors in the country but if he isn’t ‘the’ best then who is better?
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Clarence started working in the industry unofficially when he was eight and officially when he was fourteen.
is the.

Clarence Peters is the CEO of a record called Capital Hill Records and a multimedia content creation company called CAPital Dream Pictures.
As a kid, Clarence worked as an actor with Owner of SoundCity, Tajudeen Adepetu for two years. He starting directing at just 18 years of age when he directed 40 episodes of the TV series "Everyday People". This gave him a balanced platform that set him for a career as a movie and television drama director.

He later moved to South Africa where he attended the City-Varsity Summon Television Academy in Cape Town and gained a degree in directing and cinematography.

He returned to Nigeria to direct his first music video, Fuji by Darey.
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Capital Hill Record Label started when he was in secondary school when he met “Tha Suspect” ( Tha Suspect a Nigerian music artist)his secondary school mate and friend who is also an artiste under the label.
They both discover they like the same kind of music when they were in SS3.
Clarence would carry a keyboard all the way from ogba to Adeniyi Jones so that he could punch keys, just in a room apartment with a deck. It was not Capital Hill then, the idea was to start with a group; we started well, but after a couple of months they thought we were not that serious or not capable of being able to put through anything.
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When clarence got back from his film school , he heard Tha Suspect had become so good. He said to himself that  if he want to do this record label thing, all I wanted was a female artiste that can rap or sing and beautiful, very adamant on beauty. Terry tha Rapman told clarence about Kel. She is fine and articulate, she was good, she has a convincing assent, her written was not that bad. It was when I heard her in ‘You go wound’ then I said I will give it a try.

Maybe Dada. But my personal favourite would be ‘not combing your hair’. I didn’t plan on this, I just found comfort in not combing my hair and it was a lot easier. I haven’t combed if for almost six years.  Most of the time I was working for days back to back and did not have time for my hair and that went on for like six months. Then it became very hard to comb and I didn’t want to cut it, so I left it and it started becoming this.
Clarence started his career early in life and this afforded him the chance to build a staggeringly intimidating résumé. Apart from being a director in the recent times, he has been an actor, assistant director, director of photography, post-production supervisor, continuity personnel, and all-round handyman on set in time past. Interestingly, he never set out to be a music video director. All the works he did as a child, leading up to adulthood, were in television and film.
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Being behind the camera and instead of the spotlight for Clarence was due to the fact that he didn't want to do what his father and mother were doing; probably because he admires the people behind the camera and what they do.
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At the moment Clarence. A.K.A Capital is the most sought after director in the industry . Yeah, Clarence is that good, everybody wants him. At a very young age , He has already won director of the year at the Nigerian Music Video Awards 2008 and the best music video at the HipHop world Awards 2010 for Finest and is a well known name when it comes to music in Naija. He is so popular that 3 of every 5 videos seen on TV is directed by him. He specializes in motion pictures of all formats from HD (High Definition)/SD (Standard Definition) to 16mm/Super 16mm/ 35mm formats.

The challenges he faces as a director are Money, budget and infrastructure.

When comparing Nigerian videos with the other parts of the world, Clarence says that the Directors over there see the artist way back before time, they see the makeup artiste, they see artiste costumes, they see their sets, they see their locations, their sets are built five or four days before the shoot, likewise the choreography, they have seen the dance and have adjusted the dance. And in our case, it's attention to detail that is the issue, you cannot have attention to detail when you dont have time, and money is what translates into time. It is not a technical battle, that's the mistake that the Nigerian industry is making, they believe the problem with the music video is the camera.

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Six out of every 10 videos on television has got Clarence’s name on it. He has directed such videos as, Bracket’s “Remember,” 9ice's “Street Credibility,” “Only Me” by 2face, Camp Mulla’s “Party Don’t Stop and “Hold It Down,” Chidinma’s “Kedike,” P-Square’s “Alingo” alongside Jude Engees Okoye, and most recently Kay Switch’S “Sister Caro.”

Clarence top Directors are :Number one is DJ Tee. He is the most distinct director, in fact, not just as a director, also as a cinematographer and the most disciplined. For dramatic content, it has to be my guy Wudi Awa , for working within the budget Emeka Obefe and Akin Alabi. And so on.

Clarence has affiliation with MTV. It’s been a production house/client relationship that was founded with a lot mutual respect. He does projects, from montages to actually wanting to do videos for different campaigns; he has worked with them in those capacities.

Surprisingly he doesn’t see himself as we see him ” a dominating name in the industry” No, he thinks he’s wack, he says that he hasn’t shot that material that has made him a shock to himself.

Domination will be like to throw like 20 videos in a year that’ll be like ‘oh my God’.
Dominating to clarence means having the kind of material that would send a lot of people to school with. People have been trying to do what I’m doing, but certain people have not been able to get it.

So this is Clarence peters for you. If you have any question for him , kindly drop it in the comments box below.

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  1. My name is Pierre Tossou, Pierro my stage name, I’m Beninese, for real Mister Clarence is the best, I have seen a lot of videos get his name through many TV. I know that one day I will meet him to shoot out the videos of my album that I plan to realise soon. Mister Clarence forever forward never back. God bless!

  2. Hi Clarence,

    A u married?

  3. Hi, its nice piece of writing concerning media
    print, we all be familiar with media is a impressive source of

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