Having a big stomach doesn’t mean you can’t be fashionable. As I will always say fashion is for everyone. But a large stomach (or beer-belly) can ruin the look of an outfit.
So today on EB , I will be dishing out fashion tips and advice to my readers and every other person.

A very common mistake is to wear very loose fitting clothes which is just like selling out your worse features. Wearing such loose clothes would make you look bigger and clothing that is too tight and clingy will have the effect of making you look like an over stuffed sausage.

Wear jackets and blazers that fall below your butt, and are well adjusted around your waist area. Avoid double-breasted jackets, which will accentuate your girth.ADVICE #2
Layering is also a good ploy to may you look slimmer (providing that they are not too bulky), and monochromatic dressing will also have a slimming effect. Wear a dark color shirt/top and pants with a different color blazer or jacket over the top.

When it comes to pants, choose a low-rise style, that sits on your hips instead of around your tummy. Avoid pleat-fronted trousers, if you don’t want to accentuate your stomach more. Above all, don’t let your stomach spill out over your trouser waistband; this only serves to bring attention to your torso and has a shortening effect on your legs. If necessary, go one size up and wear a belt with a small buckle, so as not to add extra bulk.

Wearing trousers that are tight, or very baggy will only serve to highlight your generous flaw. Just Invest your time and energy in finding the best fit. This is a style which makes your silhouette look slimmer by avoiding adding extra bulk to your middle, and elongating your legs.
Concerning jean , choose a looser shape which will skim your body rather than cling to it. Choose a slightly wide-legged style rather than a flare or skinny leg jean, as this will give more proportion and balance to your body.

Go for light fabrics and dark colors if you want to slimline your torso.
Use a belt to nip in your waistline. As long as your stomach does not hang over, contrary to what you might think, this will make you appear slimmer.
Horizontal stripes are your enemy rather than your friend. Vertical stripes (although not too wide) will elongate your body, but diagonal ones will also draw attention to your torso, having a widening effect. Pinstripe shirts can be slimming, especially when teamed with dark color pants.

Large, busy prints in shirts and tees will only serve to accentuate your stomach. Search for a smaller but not too small print, which is spaced quite a way apart.

Long-sleeve T-shirts and shirts will make your body look more proportioned than sleeveless or short-sleeves, which will draw attention to your middle


Wearing dark colored clothes make that area of flaw to look smaller to the eye. In reverse, steer clear of light colors because they will highlight your stomach and make it look subtly bigger.

Wearing tight T-shirts helps to highlight the size of your stomach and hence shows every lump and bump. In general try to steer clear of anything stretchy and instead opt for woven short sleeve shirts for casual occasions. If you do need to wear a T-shirt for a practical reason, such as going to the gym, look for styles that are 100% cotton and a little loose through the body. They will drape over your stomach much more than a T-shirt with Lycra that is designed to cling.

When choosing suits , make your choice towards vertical pinstripe suiting
A pinstripe suit can help elongate your torso because the eye will follow the lines down the body rather than looking outwards. Look for pinstripes that feature only a narrow gap between each line and ideally choose those printed on a dark background like Black or Dark Gray.

Wearing plain shirts can save a day. Wearing prints and stripes will definitely give a visual effect and exposure to your stomach. So please stick with your plain shirts.

Why would you want to buy pants that are obviously small for you. Then I see some men who wear these small pants and still belt them under their stomach.
Firstly it makes your legs look shorter and this makes you look wider overall and
Secondly it makes your stomach stand out like sore thumb.
No one on the street is likely to see the size on your pants and if you buy a pair that fit correctly they are less likely to notice the size of your stomach.

If you have trouble getting a good overall fit consider having a pair that fit at the waist tailored in the other areas. Or why not consider having a pair or two custom made to your measurements.

Don’t wear a belt that stand out because it will attract unneccessary attention to your stomach. Instead wear a belt that tones in tune with your pants.

So with these 12 advice /tips , I hope I’ve been able to convince you that fashion is still possible for men with big stomach/belly.

Thanks for reading. If you have suggestions , more advice or questions do not hesitate in using the comments box below.

Also would love to hear your experiences.

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Yours Truly Evatese


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  1. Definitely agree with you about double breasted jackets…they need to be worn right (right person, right build, etc). We’ve got some great advice on how to wear double breasted jackets at http://www.modernmansworld.com so feel free to check it out if you want. But thanks for these tips, really great!

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