In Nigeria nowadays , the plus size women are the increase. Its no more the skinny ladies that rock the fashion world but also the plus size.

Most Fashion Designers are beginning to realise that a large part of the female population are plus size and this is and this is an untapped market. Unfortunately, majority of plus sized women have no idea what to buy, having been trapped in a world of dark colours and shapeless tents for ages.

I can say that Big is the new Skinny. For those beautiful and big women who still want to roxk those curves and still be fashionable ,I would be dropping some few tips below

1.Know and Love your body
it works. Stand Unclad in front of a mirror and look at urself. Focus on your good bits, perhaps ur skin, ur bone structure, ur posture, ur eyes, ur smile, ur bosoms, ur butt, ur hips. . . when u start looking I promise u’ll find at least three areas where u are blessed.

For any woman, bras can make or break an outfit. For the plus sized woman this is particularly true. The support of good quality under wear is a must and investing in good quality supportive garments pays off in the long run. Wearing good quality under garments will help make you feel more comfortable and contribute to a stylish, put-together look.

A sexy pair of heels is enough to spice up any outfit. I understand that many women, especially bigger women find heels quite uncomfortable. 2inch heels are more comfortable than 6inches (obviously) but they make that much a difference. So whenever you can, shop for heels no matter how small, they help lengthen ur legs and frame and improve your posture. Don’t hesitate to be bold in the shoe department!

This is one area where there are no rules, and a woman can be truly creative. Turn an ordinary black dress or suit into something special with a pretty scarf or shawl. Look for colour and texture to coordinate with wardrobe favourites. Colour draws the eye and can detract from other areas, Look for fun handbags and Jewellery doesn’t have to be expensive to be impressive, and costume jewellery can be just as much fun to wear. Note tho that there is the danger of over doing the jewellery, avoid chunky jewellery if u are heavy on top with a shorter neck!

5.Hair, Make-up and Nails:
Attention to detail and accessories can add style and polish to any woman’s wardrobe, but for a plus size woman, these little extras can really make the difference between being well dressed and in style. To polish up your look, splurge on a good stylist and don’t be afraid to make a change. Stop by the makeup counter at your local department store and get some tips from a professional on using the right foundation, blush, and eye makeup for your face and coloring. Finally, pay attention to your nails and treat yourself to a manicure or trip to a nail salon. In the summer, don’t let your toes detract from your pretty new sandals. Have regular pedicures and keep your nail polish fresh.

So its time to be fashionable.

Yours Truly Evatese


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