Feza Drives Oneal Crazy

Oneal is unaware that Feza has decided to put the brakes on their potential relationship.

In his Diary Session this afternoon, Oneal waxed lyrical about Feza and the chemistry they share. Unfortunately, the Tswana Housemate is completely unaware that Feza has decided to put off getting up close and personal with him until she sizes up the cuties she could potentially rendezvous with in the phantom Emerald House.

“I love how her mind works. She is an interesting woman. I really like her and am glad that she also took a liking to me. That has just made it easier for the chemistry to happen”, he said, a smile on his face.

Feza and Oneal live in two different Houses but always try to snatch some quick, alone time in the Arena on Friday afternoons. During the last Saturday night party, Feza and Oneal tried their best to communicate, despite the glass barrier which separated the Housemates.

Is Oneal setting himself up for heartbreak or will Feza change her mind upon realising that there is no such thing as the Emerald House.

Crushing Mostly On Biguesas?

This evening’s Crush Wall presented a shocker of note. Most of the Rubies voted for Biguesas as their crushes. He got at least four votes on the Crush Wall. Could this be for real or is there a plan brewing amongst Biguesas’ Housemates without him knowing?

A close second on the Crush Wall was Tanzanian diva, Feza from the Diamond House, who voted for Oneal as her crush. Sulu, who had also voted for Feza, who voted for Oneal as her crush. went to Oneal and told him that he voted for Feza so Oneal and her can go on a date together. Bassey overheard this conversation and asked Oneal whether he wanted to go on a date with Feza. Oneal brushed off Bassey’s question. Could Sulu be foreseeing a love connection between the two?

In the Diamond House, Melvin and Nando were the only people who voted for Selly as their crush. I don’t like speculating but I think the Nigerian hunk might be eying the beautiful HoH, hence his vote.

Beverly voted for Neyll? What a revelation! Hakeem is still crushing hard on his love, Cleo, so his vote went straight to her. No guesses as to who Annabel voted for, it was Angelo of course. But surprise, surprise, Bolt is crushing on Cleo? Wow! However, Biguesas still takes the cake for the biggest crush shocker.


Appreciate What You Have

Hakeem and Fatima had a heart-to-heart in the bathroom while Fatima was taking a bath, half-naked. The topic at hand was the happenings in the Diamond House, from Hakeem’s relationship with Cleo to Bolt’s beautiful connection with Betty.

Fatima said that Hakeem should be careful with his moves in the Diamond House especially because he still has intentions of being with Cleo, who is in the Ruby House. But Hakeem was wary of the fact that the Ruby guys might be making serious moves on Cleo and worried Cleo would eventually give into them and that would break his heart.

They both went on to acknowledge the relationship that Bolt and Betty has, saying that Bolt doesn’t appreciate and respect the smart and beautiful Betty as his woman in the House. This is true and most Housemates have noticed, especially after Beverly told Biggie that Bolt was making moves on her. Bolt is skating on thin ice and he doesn’t even know it. Appreciate your woman a bit more Bolt, it just might keep you in the game a bit longer.


Do Natasha and Fatima Have  The Baking Skills?


The Housemates have put their trust on Natasha and Fatima in the Baking Task.
The saying goes; “Too many cooks spoil the broth” but the Housemates seem determined to prove us otherwise.

All gathered in their respective kitchens, it was a battle of the best baker in the Ruby and Diamond Houses. The mixing bowl exchanged hands as the whisking and creaming took centre stage.

Natasha was the obvious choice to lead the Ruby team while the self-confessed queen of the Diamond kitchen; Fatima led the Diamonds through the paces in the kitchen.

If the mood in the House is anything to go by, then the Housemates have this one in the bag. “We made it with patience, tolerance and love,” Annabel said to Biggie assuring that the Diamond cake would impress the judges. However, the Rubies also told Biggie that with Natasha, who runs her own restaurant back home, at the helm they were set for success.

We ran a poll on our website which House Big Brother Africa fans think would nail this Task. So far, the Ruby House is leading the poll with over 50 percent thinking they will take this one running while the Diamond is also not too far off.

However, the proof is in the pudding so until the judges taste the cakes, we can’t really be sure. It is also worth noting that the week’s Task doesn’t end with the Baking Task but there’s still the Art that the Housemates have already submitted for to Big Brother for grading and the Poetry Task that is still pending.

The Task Presentation is on Thursday evening and we wait with bated breath to see who will win the inter-House contest between the Ruby, Diamond and well, Emerald House.

Do you believe Natasha and Fatima will lead their teams to being Baking champs?



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