Hello EB readers,Today on FASHION TUESDAY . We would be discussing “MEN IN WHITE” concentrating on Trousers and shorts .


Well , there are different ways to wear white especially on the lower half. Personally , i know some men who dread that color due to the fact that its hard to maintain . But all the same , fashion still rules.

White is a color widely used in religious occasions like weddings and baptism. Moreover, it is the color of the medical professionals, doctors, nurses, pharmacists and the like. These are probably the main reasons why most people would think twice to wear white. it is a color that is a bit challenging to wear.

White pants on a man can make you look like you are going against the normal flow as dark denims and colored slacks are more popular. But if you know how to match it properly, you will love your look and definitely, others would do too.

There should not be any fear in wearing white. Some guys even have white as their best fashion pick.  Well i can say that one of the main problems that most men find in wearing this color is that  it takes a lot of confidence to do so. Whilst the above is true, it’s not entirely accurate. Because once you master three guidelines below, there’s no reason you can’t wear white chinos, jeans or shorts  all day, every day – and not be self-conscious in the slightest.

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Seriously , you cant wear a non-fitting white trouser. That is suicide. They should be  slim through the leg and hemmed with very little break. A comfort or loose fit will just look sloppy here, especially if you pair them with loafers/drivers or go sockless.
If opting for shorts, make sure there’s wriggle room in the thighs and that they end a couple of inches above the knee.


Apart from the common neutral combinations of grey and navy t-shirt, so why not get a little creative and use it as an anchor in your looks? It looks great with any sort of pattern – be it gingham, stripe or floral – and is complemented by a wide range of colors, from pink and green to lilac and yellow.


White trousers aren’t just for a casual Sunday in a beer garden; they’re for all of summer and beyond. White jeans are the perfect piece to help nail the denim on denim look this season due to the fact that they are a completely different colour to traditional indigo/blue denim shirts.

White chinos are also the ideal partner for those hard to match summer blazers that you’ve been investing in. You know the ones I’m talking about: the brown linen one, the navy cotton plaid one, the Indian madras one, even those pink and green tropical wool pieces. As long as you pair them with other neutral staples, such as a blue dress shirt and complementing stripe tie, the chinos will anchor a statement jacket in a refined way whilst still allowing it be the focal point of a look.

So that’s it , the 3 important guidelines , short and simple . I know that some guys will definitely cry out that its so hard to maintain and clean . Of course it is . Before wearing that white shorts /trousers you should put in consideration where  you are heading out to . You cant wear white shorts to a club(That is the end of it )

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1. it’s not even wise to wear your white jeans to an event where you know there’s going to be grass, alcohol and the chance to run around and play .

2.Perhaps the biggest trap that men can fall into, is wearing the incorrect colored underwear beneath their white pants.  White is fine, beige is best, but bright and dark colors and patterns are definitely a no-no. If you get just one thing right gentlemen, make sure it is your underwear. Avoid wearing dark colored briefs. The color that matches your skin tone is best.

3. Also bear in mind that white doesn’t always mean pure white; there are varying shades that are more accurately described as ivory or off-white. These colours are often slightly easier to keep clean.

4. To provide contrast to your white pants, you can wear soft and bright colored top. You will look good in white denims with a polo or rugby shirt in cheery pastel colors like sky blue or pale pink. To complete the look, you can use canvas shoes or loafers, without socks.

The key to wearing white pants is injecting contrast in one’s outfit. Aside from the balance that colored tops contribute, one can wear accessories that match the get up and the occasion. But one should guard against over-accessorizing as this can ruin your look. The use of belts, hats or shoes can turn an ordinary attire into something extraordinary. The rule of thumb is to accessorize with style and not just for the sake of accessorizing.

So there we have it. I now expect to see all of you out and about this summer wearing white exclusively on your lower half because, as you can see, there really is no excuse. Wearing white pants can be a fashionable statement, but only if you do it right.

I need your opinion , comments and what you have to say . If you wear white jeans/chinos/shorts ? What sort of items do you pair them with? Let me know in the comments section.

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