Hello EB readers, it has finally happened , i.e  the eviction and all . well catch up on what happened on day 13 & 14. Conflict, love, romance, scheming and lies this week of Big Brother The Chase had it all.



This Week on the chase…

HoH Selly shocked everyone in both Houses when she chose not to reunite The Chase lovebirds Cleo and Hakeem during the House swap. Instead it was Angelo and Elikem that were sent to the land of the Rubies while Beverly and Biguesas joined the Diamonds. As if that wasn’t enough, Selly also tried to stir up some beef with Pokello by pouring her drink all over the Zimbabwean.
Diamond House’s newest residents Hakeem, Beverly and Biguesas joined forces and plotted against their former Housemate Natasha, who they feel is a master manipulator that should be ousted from the game.
LK4 claimed to have hung up his player badge for Koketso but a few days later he fessed up to still having feelings for Beverly after he was outed to Biggie by Maria. But the Ruby love triangle was finally resolved thanks to the House swap; which has left LK4 and Koketso tighter than ever, even a pair of pliers could not tear them apart. Koketso joined LK4 in the list of Eviction Nominees thanks to Selly who put her in the place of Biguesas’.
Like Biguesas, Bolt also dodged the bullet thanks to his girl Betty who put her arch nemesis Feza in his place instead. Clearly Betty has enjoyed all of the bumping and grinding that she and Bolt have been up to and is not ready to let go of the married Sierra Leonean anytime soon.
Dillish and Hakeem rounded off the Nominees list. Speaking of Hakeem, he and Cleo were the personification of cuteness on their first official date and they sealed the deal with a passionate first kiss.
Kenyan beauty Huddah and the always entertaining Denzel became the first Housemates to bid farewell to The Chase. As for today’s Evictions it’s anyone’s guess who Africa will send marching home.

Pre-date Excitement!

There was a flurry of activity in the Diamond House as well as in the Ruby House as the eagerly anticipated date between Cleo and Hakeem finally approached. Hakeem was as nervous as a school boy as he rummaged through his luggage in a bid to find the perfect outfit for his date with Cleo. Once he had checked himself out in the bedroom mirror over a hundred times, the Zimbabwean hunk walked into the gorgeous Rendezvous Room and awaited the arrival of his queen.

In the Ruby House, the mood was as electric. An excited Cleo squeezed herself into a tight blue skirt, a sheer top and sky high heels which showed off her sexy pins. When she walked down the staircase leading to the lounge, everyone whooped and hollered because the Zambian certainly looked like a million dollars.
Maria, Pokello, Selly and Koketso then walked Cleo all the way to the doors of the Rendezvous Room, with the hopes of possibly sneaking a peek at Hakeem, which they couldn’t.
Once Cleo had disappeared behind the Rendezvous Room doors, it was game time!
How do you heal a broken heart? By singing, that’s how.

Malawi’s Fatima was a sight for sore eyes this evening, as she pined away for Elikem. The two were separated last night in a dramatic House swap decision made by Ruby Head of House, Selly.
Fatima is clearly missing those cosy moments she and her Ghanaian beau shared when they lived in the same House. This evening in the garden, all Fatima could do was sing sad songs. What started off as a fun singing session quickly became tinged with sadness, as Fatima ran through tear-inducing love songs.
The Malawian even remixed some of these songs, adding a few well-placed Elikem references. “I’ve got a feeling that Elikem will be back”, she sang. Fatima really seems to be taking this separation hard, despite the smile she permanently has plastered on her face.
We have a feeling Elikem is as gutted as his lady. Who can forget his plea to be brought back to the Ruby House next week?

Cleo and Hakeem’s First Kiss!

Cleo and Hakeem finally sealed the deal with a kiss. After a brief reunion in the Arena yesterday, Hakeem and Cleo finally got to spend quality time in the Rendezvous. At first, the two lovebirds seemed really shy and were afraid to even look at each other.

 Once the yummy bubbly Big Brother had provided for the occasion had loosened them up a bit, it was all systems go. Hakeem took off his shoes and jumped on the bed in the centre of the gorgeous Rendezvous Room. Cleo followed suit and the two sat staring into each other’s eyes.
 Hakeem opened up to his Zambian squeeze, telling her “You’ll always have me. I’ll always be there for you”. All Cleo could do was blush furiously at the compliments coming out of her beau’s mouth. At some point Hakeem told Cleo “I don’t want to hear any of this ONeal nonsense. I want to protect your hear”, he said. We wonder what Hakeem could have been referring to.
 After a blissful hour of conversation, the two lovebirds ended their perfect evening with a passionate kiss

What’s The Deal With Angelo and Maria?

What do you get when you put together a beautiful young model and a red-blooded dancer under the same roof? Instant chemistry that’s what. Ever since Angelo moved into the Ruby House on Friday he and Maria have been spending a lot of time together and today when the Namibian beauty went over to his bed to the South African for an early morning chat he wrapped himself around her tighter than an anaconda. Even before moving in with the Rubies, Angelo has been very vocal about his adoration for the pretty Ruby lass. He even chose her as the Housemate he would most like to go on a date during the Housemates “Crush Wall” session. So far Maria has been playing her cards close to her heart and not revealing much about how she feels about him. But it is clear that she enjoys spending time with him and she was smiling very brightly as he playfully held on to her this morning. Could it be that there is another Ruby romance about to bloom or these two just friends that like to flirt?


Here is how Africa voted this week (9 June 2013) – We say goodbye to LK4 (Uganda) and Koketso (South Africa).

Here’s who which country voted for:
Angola: Koketso
Botswana: Hakeem
Ghana: Feza
Kenya: Hakeem
Ethiopia: Dillish
Malawi: Hakeem
Namibia: Dillish
Nigeria: Dillish
South Africa: Koketso
Sierra Leone: Feza
Tanzania: Feza
Uganda: LK4
Zambia: Hakeem
Zimbabwe: Hakeem
Rest of Africa: Hakeem
Total: Hakeem = 6; Feza = 3; Dillish =3, Koketso = 2, LK4 = 1. (Total: 15 Votes)

The Last Supper…For Some

The Rubies unite on the dinner table for the last time…at least for the nominated few, the likes of LK4 and his beau Koketso in the Ruby House.

 The Ugandan Prince graced the union with what was said to be a touching prayer where he prayed for those who will be leaving the House (including himself) this evening and was also grateful to have met and spent time with people that have come to mean so much to him. No guesses for who he was referring to.
 Maria started a conversation through song and the rest of the Housemates followed suit. What they wanted to know is how Cleo’s date with Hakeem went. A hesitant Cleo responded (also in song) saying that she had told the people who wanted to hear about her date and will not narrate that story again.
The energy in the room was enough to make a grown man cry, especially with Evictions due in no time at all. This was definitely an emotional time in the Ruby House.

Lovers, Koketso and LK4 Leave The Chase

Having had two weeks of a love connection, with a few forces against their partnership, LK4 and Koketso have left The Chase tonight. South Africa’s Koketso didn’t even know that she was nominated. She had been placed on the chopping block by Selly who preferred saving Biguesas from Eviction.

The Prince of Uganda said a prayer earlier this evening before the Rubies had their dinner. Koketso was at his side as always, holding her man’s hand as he emotionally thanked the Almighty for the time spent with ‘friends’ and how much the BBA opportunity meant to him. Maria was so touched by his words that she thought Elikem was the one praying.
Koketso also felt very emotional just before tonight’s Evictions, saying that the Ruby House is home to the Housemates for the next two months but she wasn’t aware that she’d be leaving The Chase tonight. Everyone was so sad.
When IK called out LK4’s name on the Live Show, he was standing next to his lady love, Koketso, who held on to him for dear life as Biggie was counting him down for his exit. The rest of the Housemates came to hug LK4, some crying and some wishing him well.
In the Diamond House, the poor Housemates were obviously curious about what the third House was for and who might be in it. They therefore said a little prayer together, in an attempt to suppress their gyrating nerves saying, “As long as I know God, I will be ok.”
On the flip side, Koketso and LK4 are now free to pursue their relationship without the limitations that came with the show. If their connection was real then the pair ought to continue it on the outside and see how far it’ll go. Good luck lovers. It was fun having you in The Chase.

The Start Of Something Genuine?

Why The Love Birds Were Evicted

Hakeem, Fatima, Bolt and Biguesas stood in the middle of the Diamond kitchen trying to understand why LK4 and Koketso were evicted from the House tonight.

 Bolt said that Biggie once asked him in the Diary room, why his Housemates were stubborn when it came to adhering to House rules and of course Bolt was able to tell Biggie what he wanted to hear because he himself didn’t know why this was the case. Little did he know that Biggie might have been referring to Koketso and LK4.
 Biguesas fully understood where Biggie’s question to Bolt came from. He told them that Biggie constantly had to tell Koketso and LK4 to either unmute their microphones or make sure that they were on properly. This is where he thinks their evictions would have rooted from. This might have not been entirely the reason they were evicted but it played a huge part in getting them out of the House.
 It seems the Diamonds are slowly realizing that ignoring House rules can have dire consequences that they wouldn’t want to be faced with and it also seems that LK4 and Koketso might have experienced this the hard way. Fatima ended the conversation by advising the other three to stick to what Biggie tells them from now on otherwise they might also find themselves out of The Chase.

Selly Feels A Bit Of Remorse

After the Live Show, with all the Housemates back in their Houses, the Rubies sat around to discuss the events of the evening. Selly was feeling a bit remorseful about her move in replacing Biguesas with Koketso for Eviction.

 The remaining Rubies tried to put her regret to rest by assuring her that either way one of them would have been nominated and inevitably Evicted. Even though all their advice made a lot of sense, Selly couldn’t help but feel bad about her actions and with reason.
 Pokello explained how tricky The Chase is in terms of having minimal choice as HoH and that at the end of the day Africa has the final say as to who can stay and who needs to go. This fact is true but the Housemates, together with the HoH, are the ones that put a certain person up for Eviction. Eventually all Housemates are destined for the same fate, the difference being who makes it to Evictions first.
 Selly might have felt a bit of regret with her choice but anyone could’ve been dealt with that hand. This week belonged to Ruby lovers, Koketso and LK4. Next week will see another two Housemates leaving The Chase. Who will it be Africa?



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