Today on Relationship Friday , Our GURU  would be discussing RED FLAGS. When i say Red flags , i mean the danger signs that any of the parties can see before being committed into that relationship. It means that its time to rethink the validity and how true that relationship is.

Red flags

Red flags (Photo credit: rvw)

There is this saying that it is better to be single and wish you were married than to be married wish you were single. Most couples today ignore or neglect this flags for reasons i cant explain. But so you know , none of those so called reasons are worth it. Its better to end the relationship in the dating stage than when married. love can conquer a lot, but it won’t change a person’s basic character.

Truth be said and from experience that no relationship is perfect but some are not just worth it. Usually there are red flags at the beginning of the relationship that are ignored. Why do we tend to deny the obvious? Why do we not want to see the warnings?
Below are some RED FLAGS

1. A partner who regularly gets angry easily and flares up just like that . Please just call it quits, who know maybe one day he might transfer that anger to your body physically.

2. A partner who always has to be right. Proving their point and coming out on top is of utmost importance to them.

Red flag waving transparent

Red flag waving transparent (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

3. A partner who cant seem to hold down a job for long. This kind of partner would definitely be bad considering the fact that he cant be useful to the society and also to provide for you.

4. A partner who makes everything about them. This is what i call selfishness, and if the person doesn’t see it from your angle please just call it quits .

5. A partner who wants to control your every move and actions and also wants you to give him details of your activities. Like seriously that’s pathetic .No breathing space . well if you don’t want to choke , call it quits.

6. A partner who has strained relationships with family members or friends. This usually signals that they are not great at relationships and definitely your is no exception.

7.A partner who is extremely insecure and jealous is a no-go area.

8. A partner who is very materialistic which sometimes or most times can make their priorities be unreasonable and shallow.

9. A partner who lacks communication skills. This is often ignored but in the actual fact , its very very important. Maybe they don’t know how to listen , or they talk all the time and don’t allow you contribute . Please, advice from me is RUN .

10.A partner who is a conflict addict/lover , always picking a fight and someone who lacks discipline and self-control with spending.

So from the above RED FLAGS i have shared with you and you have realized that you are dating someone who exhibits one or more of the above mentioned , My dear friend just put on your running shoes and run as far as you can from this relationship or partner . After all there are more people out there who have better qualities. Being alone is better than being with your worst nightmare.

Stop lying to yourself , and move on , end it before it gets deeper and difficult to leave.





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