Hey guys , its Day 9 of BBA8 – THE CHASE .

This week’s Nominees are all hot and sexy, how does one choose who to keep? Dillish, Feza, Hakeem, Koketso and LK4 have kept tongues wagging since they entered the House and could just be in the Top 10 hottest Housemates this Season. The only snag now is, at least one of them will be leaving The Chase on Sunday. Those who Vote based on looks are in trouble because this time they won’t know who to keep in the game.

Dillish – “The delicious Dillish” as IK refers to her is simply beautiful. Dillish is stunning with or without makeup, whether she’s asleep or awake, happy or sad. The girl’s just got it. No wonder one viewer even asked or her hand in marriage from Biggie:
LK4 – His abs and tattoos give him that bad boy image which gets the ladies crazy. It’s no wonder three ladies confessed to having a crush on him in the House. His towering height and the fact that he is a professional basket baller makes him even more attractive.
Hakeem – Hakeem, Hakeem, Hakeem! Where do we even start? He’s got a body to die for and if you missed his exercise session during the wee hours of the morning then you haven’t seen anything yet. The guy exercises in his briefs, what more can a girl ask for. Well, he’s a personal trainer so you can tell he puts in a lot of work to achieve that body.
Koketso – Her sexy eyes stare as if they can see right into one’s soul. Always immaculately dressed, she never has a hair out of place and this makes her really attractive. As the saying goes; “If you can’t love yourself, how can you love someone else?” Have you even seen that body? the girl works hard on what her momma gave her and she looks amazing – a work of art.
Feza – The only red-haired in the game whose beauty sips through all that boldness. It takes guts for a Black girl to pull off red hair and no one does it better than the gorgeous Feza. Even our own Boity had to comment on Feza’s looks:
 It looks like deciding on who deserves to go will be a tough one this week. This is The Chase and the game is getting tougher by the day and it’s just the second Nominations.
 Word of advice: Forget about how hot this week’s Nominated Housemates and focus on how they have been playing the game. Have they been entertaining enough to score another week in The Chase? Fact is; none of them are indispensable in this game so at least, one of them must go home on Sunday. Who will it be?
 LK4, Feza, Dillish, Hakeem and Koketso are up for possible Eviction this week. Click here to vote to keep your favourite Housemate in the game.


LK4, A Player No More

What a powerful force love is, it can melt even the coldest of hearts and one very sirprising  victim is  the Ugandian palyer and baller – LK4 . he  managed to garner himself a reputation as a manipulator in a short space of time but today he shared with Biggie that his days of being a player a far behind him as he only has eyes for Koketso. yeah right!

The Ruby gent’s Diary session this evening was peppered with declarations of love such as “She makes me see money is not everything,” and “She might be my 300 million”. Wowza, those are some bold words indeed considering that just a few days ago this was a man who stated: “Don’t let this romance confuse you. I am here to get this paper”.

The Nominated Ugandan also fessed up about feeling jealous about other guys possibly picking his girl in the Crush Wall. He also said that he would be hurt if the two were to be separated as he has so much feelings invested in this relationship. Little does he know that his girl is also on the Eviction chopping block thanks to Selly. So there is a possibility that either of them could be sent home this Sunday.

After his Diary session the basketball player joined Koketso in the bedroom where they spent quality time praying in silence with joined hands. Well they do say that a couple that prays together stays together.

What do you think about LK4’s sudden change of heart; do you think that he is being genuine or is it all just another part of his game plan? lets watch and see.


What do you know! The queen of dirty talk has a penchant for…cleanliness. The irony!

As her fellow Ruby Housemates snored Nominations blues away, Natasha woke up in the wee hours of the morning to do a spot of cleaning. The buxom Malawian seems proud to be flying the “I’m a freak” flag and in the same breath seems to be wearing the domestic goddess hat with great ease.

Could her late night cleaning sessions be her only opportunity to get away from her noisy fellow Housemates. Seems more than likely. Being a sex educator and a cook can get pretty tiring!

As Natasha scrubbed away, sexy Fatima from Malawi had Ghana’s Elikem trapped firmly between her arms. The two decided to ditch the bedroom and opted to share a clinch on the living room couch. For once, the Ghanaian stud decided to behave and did abandon her like he did Feza. Could it have been her grip or has Elikem finally found the woman he wants to give his time to?

This smells like the beginning of a wild ‘The Chase’ romance! Do you think Fatima and Elikem would make a cute couple?


According to the dictionary the name diamond comes from the ancient Greek word adámas meaning unbreakable or invincible – and unbreakable is exactly what The Chase’s Diamonds are.

Today the Housemates stood in solidarity as they continued to tackle this week’s Fitness Task, chanting “We are the Diamonds, mighty, mighty Diamonds”. The Housemates sweated have been sweating it out all afternoon long right through into the evening and if they are feeling the pressure now, they are doing a good job of not letting it show.

One of the rules of the Task is that at any given time there must be at least two Housemates exercising. So far it has mostly been the boys that have been taking advantage of the array of exercise equipment that has been laid out in the garden, more than the girls. But Diamond House frenemies Betty and Feza have been doing their best to hold it down for the ladies and work.

Over in the Ruby House Cleo, Sulu and LK4 have been holding down the fort. The Rubies have also taken to song to motivate themselves. They sang a medley of hits including “I’ll be missing you” by The Police.

What do you think has the Housemates so pumped up about their Fitness Task; is it the 100% Wager or is it vanity?


As the two new best friends, Natasha and Biguesas, sat in the room discussing the happenings in the Ruby House, Sulu entered, in his briefs and told the pair that there’s a lot happening in the House that they don’t know about.

He continued to tell them to open their eyes at all times because the house is filled with backstabbers. “There are two snakes in this house”, he said as he walked out and walked in again.

Natasha and Biguesas were not surprised in the least as this was the very same thing they were talking about. Sulu merely confirmed it. Although he did not mention any names but the two knew exactly who he was talking about. Who do you think these two snakes might be? We are drawing a blank here

Treat: Rendezvous With Your Crush!

Could the Cleo and Hakeem reunion finally happen? This morning, there was excitement in the air following an announcement by Big Brother, which will surely put a pep in everyone’s step.

Biggie is affording Housemates the opportunity to spend one on one time with their crush this weekend. When Cleo went to the Crush Wall, her pick was obvious. She picked the man she’s been missing since the House swap, Zimbabwe’s Hakeem – not once, but twice. Koketso picked Bimp “because I need to talk to him” and Hakeem “for Cleo”.

The Ruby Housemates seem to be playing cupid and have been voting for the Zimbabwean so that Cleo can see him again. Natasha picked Fatima, while Neyll picked Motamma and Betty.

LK4 on the other hand made an eyebrow raising pick, Tanzania’s Feza. We wonder how Koketso would react to this news. Whoever has the most crushes on the Crush Wall will be crowned the winner and will be given the opportunity to spend quality time with their crush in the ‘Rendezvous Room’ on Saturday.

So far, it seems Hakeem is head and shoulders above the rest. The Diamonds Housemates will also be given the opportunity to vote for their crushes.

Sometimes it helps to wear your heart on your sleeve. Hakeem has been sulking since Sunday because he misses his lady love, Cleo whom he left in the Ruby House. Hakeem was whisked out of the Ruby House on Friday evening after Feza thought it was time for him to venture into the Diamond House. What Feza didn’t know was that she had just broken a budding affair.

Hakeem tried playing along but it was during his Monday Diary session that he opened up to Big Brother about how much he missed the Zambian lass. “Please give me a chance to talk to her Big Brother, even if for one minute,” he pleaded. This is not a one-sided kind of love, Cleo also confided in Biggie and a few other Housemates about how she missed her Zimbabwean heart throb.

With so much pressure from the two lovers longing to be reunited, the Housemates decided to rally behind them during their Crush Wall sessions. Both Houses made a decision to try and play cupid and reunited the lovebirds. The brief of The Crush Wall was for each Housemate to choose two crushes from the other House and whoever got the most votes would be treated to quality time with a mate of their choice.

A majority of the Rubies went for Hakeem while the Diamonds voted for Cleo. There’s no prize for guessing that the sweethearts voted for each other on both occasions. We’ve seen some Housemates lose the plot of the game while chasing after love.

Of course this is The Chase so maybe Hakeem and Cleo can be pardoned. However, they shouldn’t forget that there’s still a whooping USD 300 000 at stake. Others that have been blinded by love are Koketso and LK4 whose rollercoaster relationship had divided the Ruby House and they found themselves up for Eviction.

Perhaps the most solid relationship thus far is of Betty and Bolt who act like they own the Diamond House. It doesn’t help that Betty is this week’s Head of House. Well, Bolt is already enjoying the perks of having a lover in the House as she didn’t hesitate to save her beau from possible Eviction and put up Feza in his stead.

Meanwhile, the noble gesture displayed by the Housemates towards Cleo and Hakeem is remarkable but it’s imperative for them to keep their eyes on the real prize – USD 300 000.


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  1. chris aka prestige

    Housemates, don’t try any nyo-nyo-nyo…..fwi-fwi-fwi……!!! with Natasha, you have been warned!!!!!! LOL

  2. chris aka prestige

    Malawian ladies: Natasha & Fatima keeps on rocking….. M-dubz gut chase-game…..!!!!!

  3. chris aka prestige

    Feza ain’t going no where…….

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