Hey EB readers, its Day 3 in the bba house and below is what went down

Task: Let’s have a quickie

This week  speed dating Task was taken on today , the Housemates headed out in the garden where they were greeted by a candlelit table. On one side of the table were seven hearts indicating where the ladies should sit. On the opposite side of the table were seven roses indicating where the gents were to be seated.

Can two minutes really change your life? That is what the Diamonds and Rubies had the chance to find out this evening.
Every guy and girl had a chance to have a two minutes long date with each other. At the end of the date the females gave each male a rating out of ten, one being bad and ten being good.

Diamond House ladies’ men, Bolt and Denzel looked to be having the women eating out of their hands. In between his dates with the other ladies, Bolt still found the time to squeeze in some kisses with his main squeeze Betty.  During her mini date with Denzel, Huddah revealed that she wants a man with money, saying “I am gold digger,” she said. When he queried her further on this, the young Kenyan quickly retracted the statement and said that she was just joking. Hmmm… Really, Huddah? was she really joking ?

Meanwhile over in the Ruby House ‘Mr Nice Guy’ Oneal showed his tender side to the ladies by talking about his son and he also shared that he is looking for a religious woman. Big baller, LK4 turned on the charms with his American accent and bombastic words. But unfortunately for the Housemates they will have to wait until tomorrow to find out the ladies’ scoring of the guys are. i laugh.

News: Rub a dub dub

So its Dillish and Nando enjoying a cosy scrub.There are few scenarios that be could more romantic than spending a cold winter’s night enjoying a hot bubble bath and stimulating conversation. Sexy singletons Dillish and Nando know this all too well and that is why the tantalising twosome jumped at the opportunity to spend quality time with each other while lathered up in foam. hmmmmm.  Could this br the start of a new “thing” , a steamy romance in the house ? or its just for the moment ?

Neyll, who has been keeping a bit of a low profile in the Diamond House seems to be smooth with the ladies, afterall. The Angolan cornered Motamma in the lounge this afternoon and flirted up a storm with the sexy Tswana lass. Neyll started buttering Motamma up by telling her “you remind me of my mother, in the nicest possible way”. how true?    A pair of pliers wouldn’t pry these two away from each other as they engaged in light, flirty conversation. When Neyll found out how good of a dancer Motamma is, he quickly jumped up and asked her to teach him a move or too.

The two then turned the lounge into a mini dance floor and moved in time to the sound of their own heartbeats. Every time Motamma turned to look the other way, Neyll couldn’t help sneaking a peek at her booty”booty call”. If these two keep flirting like this, then Motamma could just get the chance to hear Neyll singing her a love song in the shower soon.

During the Task Presentation tomorrow night, the Housemates are set to present their secret crushes with gifts. Should Motamma expect one from Neyll? We’ll just have to wait and see!

The Housemates, with a little prodding from Big Brother of course, are setting the foundation for earth shattering romance and fun flirtation. After giving the Diamond and Ruby Housemates time to get to know each other, Biggie is trusting them to take matters into their own hands.

The Housemates have been tasked with making a gift for the person in the House they like the most. The gift must be a smaller version of the maker and have all the elements that make them unique and will be presented to the deserving Housemate on Thursday night.

This Task is guaranteed to cause quite a bit of drama in the House, as the Task Presentation slowly draws nearer. Some Housemates have already gotten comfortable enough to be more than on ‘friendly’ terms. The Betty and Bolt coupling is the first to come to mind. What happens should another Housemate hand over a gift to either of these two, while the other watches? Eyes shall roll and fur should definitely fly!

Many of the girls are pretty divas with big egos and it will no doubt be interesting to see who gets the most gifts and how the others react. A lot of the guys have not revealed who they have the ‘hots’ for, but this Task should definitely blow the lid off secret crushes and expose cattiness and loads of gossip and speculation.

Fresh from confessing her infatuation with not one, but two of the Diamond House boys in a candid Diary Session with Big Brother last night, Annabel finally got a little extra attention from both her crushes. Ethiopia’s Betty, however, did not seem too amused with the Kenyan diva’s flirty ways.

Late last night, South Africa’s Angelo jumped into Annabel’s bed, took her top off and gave her a long, sexy back rub. It would seem Annabel was a whole lot tenser than anticipated because she made sure to get yet another massage from Sierra Leone’s Bolt. Bolt is the same Diamonds Housemate who is in the throes of a budding romance with Betty.

All the extra attention Annabel was getting – innocent or not – did not seem to sit well with pretty Betty. The Ethiopian looked on without saying a word, but made sure to keep an eagle eye on the proceedings. When the Housemates eventually decided to call it a night, Betty and Bolt got into separate beds and didn’t so much as breathe in each other’s direction.

When a naughty Elikem tip toed to Betty’s bed and told her “I’ve been disqualified from the game”, Betty seemed to relax a bit more, courtesy of the Ghanaian’s prank. After he had confessed that he was only kidding, Betty walked over to Bolt’s bed, slid in and gave him a big kiss.

Could Betty be feeling threatened by fiesty Annabel and if so, could we be in for fireworks in the not too distant future?


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