Hello readers , I’m sure you read my post concerning. The breakup -bug that hit choc city. Well as at this morning on some media platforms it has been said that Chocolate city records offered a press release concerning the speculation

World PR Media released this brief statement on behalf of Chocolate City Music:

” We can confirm that Brymo still has a valid contract with Choc City and we are certain our Artiste “Brymo” can confirm the same fact. We urge all reputable media houses to check facts with our establishment prior to releasing “Untrue” stories to the general public that rely on them for valuable Information”.

So does this say Brymo is not leaving Choc city ? is he still a member

The tweet below is From Brymo Verified twitter account , saying he’s left choc city.

The Record label insists he still has a valid contract of 3 years and 2 albums. Hmmm. Or are they finding it hard to accept his Exit. ???

So who do we believe ????

Please Brymo help us out here. Your Fans.

Yours Truly Evatese


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