The chase begins as i bring you live updates from the house

Ghana’s Stella took over a game of spin the bottle in the Ruby House, kissing at least three guys.

Breaking News: The first kiss!


A casual game of spin the bottle in the garden resulted in Ghana’s Selly reaching over to Angola’s Biguesas for a passionate kiss much to the amusement and applause of her fellow Housemates. This was in between the Housemates’ first Nominations session in the game. South Africa’s Koketso could not match up to Selly’s antics when it was her turn to kiss Zambia’s Sulu. Koketso simply hugged the dreadlocked Zambian and gave him a perk on the cheek.

However, it seemed to be Sulu ‘s lucky day as the green bottle pointed to Selly to give him a warm smooch, almost to make up for Koketso’s shortcomings. hmmm very tempting .

In the Diamond House, it looks as if something is brewing between Denzel and Betty, what with Denzel suggesting that they jump into the Jacuzzi butt-naked? Perhaps it was just Denzel being himself or ? This is the same guy who either sashays around in his briefs or dresses up – complete with a bowtie. His Housemates don’t seem to have a liking for him though, which is perhaps the reason why he got six Nominations, making him the second least favourite of the lot.

As for Huddah, the Nominations gods were against her all the way and she bagged seven Nominations. Her only hope is for newly appointed Head of House Feza to Save and Replace her.

The newly appionted head of the house are : Feza for diamonds house while beverly for the rubies.

Today Nominees for possible eviction are :

Rubies – Selly and Natasha
Diamonds – Denzel(6), Betty and Hudda(7)


The Housemates charged Huddah for being shallow-minded, self-centred and inconsiderate while it seems Denzel has no respect for women, tries too hard and is not much of a team player. Elikem on the other hand was shot for being too bossy as well as being a strong competitor in the game.

Meanwhile, Bolt (Sierra Leone), Fatima (Malawi), Annabel (Kenya), Betty (Ethiopia) and Neyll (Angola) got two Nominations each while Nambia’s Dellish escaped with just one Nomination.

The lucky lot who dodged the Nominations dagger in the Diamond House were Botswana’s Motamma, Tanzania’s Feza and Nando, South Africa’s Angelo and Ethiopia’s Bimp.

This is how each diamond nominated:

Motamma: Elikem and Huddah
Neyll: Denzel and Huddah
Denzel: Bolt and Dellish
Annabel: Fatima and Elikem
Fatima: Huddah and Annabel
Betty: Annabel and Denzel
Elikem: Huddah and Betty
Feza: Betty and Denzel
Nando: Denzel and Huddah
Dellish: Bolt and Huddah
Bolt: Denzel and Neyll
Angelo: Denzel and Neyll
Bimp: Elikem and Huddah

Whatever it is that the lucky five washed in before entering the Big Brother House has worked for them thus far. It remains to be seen if their luck will last any longer.


Nominations: The rubies have their say

With six nominations, the first person under the knife was Selly (Ghana), nominated by Beverly (Nigeria), saying that she was lazy and isolated herself when other Housemates were getting acquainted. Also sitting on six nominations was Bassey (Sierre Leone) who was accused of faking a lot of accents and couldn’t be trusted because nobody would know who he really is.

Natasha (Malawi) and Hakeem (Zimbabwe) were also not everyone’s favourite, ranking at three nominations each, the Housemates complained that Natasha seems a bit out of her element while Hakeem talked a lot about himself and never gave others a word in.

Cleo (Zambia) and Biguesas (Angola) each got two nominations as Kokestso (South Africa), Pokello (Zimbabwe), Oneal (Botswana), Beverly (Nigeria), Maria (Namibia) and Sulu (Zambia) all got away with one nomination each.




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