Was going through some stuff and stumbled across this piece , of how Blackberry services could be at risk of being banned in the country as a new regulation by the Nigerian Communications Commission, NCC.

Actually their point here was that , the company should allow for access to its communications facilities for necessary interception by the law enforcement agencies To be called ‘Lawful interception of communications regulations which will run counter to the technical operating standards of the phone’s distinct network.

But seriously and sincerely Banning their services would be suicidal to Nigeria as a whole.
With the craze of their products and services which is now widespread across the country banning their services would be bad in the sense that most telecoms operators who make huge profit from their services would be at loss. Also the consumers and users of blackberry will be at loss. Too bad. Imagine , No more pinging and all of that. It has helped in promoting ICT in the country.

So I think the appropriate authorities should make due considerations before taking Drastic steps.

Last year, officials of Blackberry said the Blackberry users in Nigeria were about three million and these individuals face an uncertain future in case of possible revocation of Blackberry licence by the regulator, given its stern position not to release the key to its encrypted network to any government officials.

Blackberry has continued to face widespread concern over its strong data encryption, which is beloved by corporate customers eager to guard secrets, but troublesome for some governments in the Middle East and Asia that it could be used by militants to avoid detection.

By their designs and unlike other mobile devices, Blackberry messages are encrypted and where criminal investigation is required, the law enforcement agents will face denial of access to Blackberry network.
Specifically, Section 13 of the regulation empowers the National Security Adviser, NSA, and the State Security Service, SSS, to request the disclosure of protected or encrypted communications.

Source gathered that the telecoms regulator was working on a regulation, which would make it mandatory for any licensee in the nation’s telecoms market to provide, the regulation, which is currently at the draft stage, is based on the need to provide a legal and regulatory framework for the lawful interception of communications in Nigeria and the collection and disclosure of intercepted communication.

What would life without BlackBerry phones look like ??

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