Hello everyone today on fashion , i would be reblogging one of my old posts on prints.

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For todays top fashion trend to lighten up your day , i will go with PRINTS

Mixing prints can be a fun way to make a statement, but you want to be sure you’re sending across the right message. Your outfit is most often the first translator between you and the rest of the world, and sometimes what could have been a great look is easily spoiled by one mishap.

from their abstarct florals to the strong tribal ones, prints have managed to make the fashion trend for 2012 again.

Now im going to give some Tips for this trend because as we all know as “naija” babes and dudes want to take fashion as crazy as possible … some mix prints and look like they are clowns or appear as a kaleidoscope. well fear not peeps that’s why I am here

lets reason together on this examples

1. combine artsy polka dots with stripes…

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