Well, they are not protesting in school or complaining to their school administration…they are protesting via the media. The university just released the school fees for the next session and some of the students feel its outrageous.

See it below…1) Accounting- N1.5million  2) Nursing- N1million  3) Law- N2million   4) Medicine- N3million   5) Others- N860,000

Babcock University

Babcock University (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The students are scared to protest in their school because they could get suspended. Babcock is a Christian University and claims to be a non-profit organization, so students don’t understand why they have to pay such huge amounts to school there.

Well we cant really question their choice of increament . Well to new comers , note that there are lots of other options . If the fees ai much for you then move to a federal school, state school or less expensive private school

To be sincere , the exhoborant fee is too outrgeous especially in an economy like Nigeria. Imagine you pay 3million naira to become a Doctor and Medicine lasts for 6-7 years , which all totals to 21 million naira. Then you eventually get a job that pays less than 300,000 naira . Thats too weak..

So the students there dont have a choice , they either take it or leave the school.

What do you guys think?


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  1. I like d school,d management shld make d fees affordable considering d fact that some parent r civil servants it is only dat we want d best looking at d standard of Education in our country today.thanku


    Going τ̅o school is inportant but nt for the poorer like salary arner

  3. Do not swallow all you see and hear in our social media. There has been no increase whatsoever in the fees of the institution (Babcock University). I can say this because I have my two daughters who are students and a family friend that works in Babcock Uniiversity.

    You must realise that an institution such as Babcock has a lot of HATER(s) and BEEFER(s). We have a lot of Private Univerities popping and quiet a lot of them are finding it hard to keep up with the standards the University has set. So what do they do? They look for means to discredit and put the institution in bad light.

    A tree that bears fruits should also expect stones.

  4. It is still low compared to what an average foolish money bag that stole the public or private treasury red loves to pay because the schools founded by muslim and christianity whose claims are non profit but because of their greed have cashed in and taking advantage of our bragness that I pay #3m or more on school fees without anything to show for it rather than tattered english, even in prep, primary and secondary schools you will see fools paying as high as above their income to schools just to brag about… Anyway how many of the students are member’s children, the church will continue to suck them until death as a parlance in nigeria that when mugun fall wisemen will laugh.. Soon Ifa University will join but this fools cheating you must remember that when the early missionaries built schools and hospitals it caters for not only their members but everybody including myself who is a muslim that attends United African Methodist Church prymary school in Abeokuta in early 70s. A word is enough for the wise..

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