After 19 years , number 19 jersey Sunday Mba and the super eagles finally brought our lost Glory back to our country and made us the giant of Africa once again as they defeated smoothly the players of Burkina faso in the just concluded african cup of nations 2013. 10th of february 2013 is not going to be a day to be forgotten so soon.

I’ve never seen a country so patriotic as Nigeria on sunday. Some people closed their shops , some Bus drivers parked their buses , roads were empty as people made way home or to where they would watch the match live. Some even bought fuel with their last cash to conquer the fear of PHCN.

As for me , I had to leave my friends and whatever I was doing when it was 7pm and headed for home. In fact I left my mom to do the cooking and she didn’t even bother me because she could see the enthusiasm within me.

Even on twitter , everyone was hating bAnce and his crew. Lol
When it was some minuteS to the end of the match in which there was An Extra 4 minutes given. My heart skipped , infact I stopped eating ,was so restless. I couldn’t imagine it was me. I started counting down when it was just 60seconds to go. Those were very time defining moments because Bance and his crew tried their stunts. Finally the whistle was blown and I shouted at the top of my voice. My mum had to rush to where I was. It felt so Good. My estate was filled with shouts and screams of joy , even old women were dancing. . I ran round my sitting room , screaming my dad was just looking at me. Only if he knew
My favorite part was when the Goalkeeper ,Enyeama almost carried the referee out of excitement. Even the Burkina faso players were crying. Lol
It was jubilation gAlore everywhere. Thank God. We are the champions of Africa.
Not to forget Dbanjs electrifying performance at the end.
The Senate President praised the Super Eagles for the team spirit displayed throughout the competition and implored all Nigerians to emulate the team spirit that brought the victory.
You deserve our honour and praise. The Federal government and indeed all Nigerians are indebted to you. You have restored our dignity and pride. You deserve our honour and reward”, Senator Mark stated.

Senator Mark particularly praised the Head coach of the Super Eagles and his coaching crew for a Job well done pointing out that Keshi is a child of history and destiny.

He Said: ” As a player and captain of the Super Eagles in 1994, Nigeria won the nations cup. As a coach of the Super Eagles in 2013, he brought honour to our dear country. Keshi has proved to be a great asset to the nation. The nation is proud of you”.

Not to forget our president , Goodluck Jonathan who couldn’t attend due to some health issues and his wife were not left. It was jubilation in Aso Rock.

Lesson Learnt : Never underestimate anyone , Never right off anyone because that person is a work in progress.

Yours Truly Evatese


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  1. you have the gift of the pen, keep honing your skills, keep it up

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