Hey. Eb readers. Welcome to My new series titled – Camp chronicles.

For this series post my name is lady E.

Nysc Orientation Camp has been on my mind for a while though being at home for months of idleness mostly and doing nothing.

Finally the posting was released and found myself at the eastern part of our great country. It wasn’t a good feeling because I had always desired Lagos state tho.To be sincere i was sad in fact it was bad to the extent that i cried(eyes closed.)

I braved up and decided to go for the experience , I hoped for better things. I found luck because I was going to take flight to my base.
As usual the local airport was choked up , well maybe because there were fellow corpers (otondos) CCS1 E1breporting at

their camps.CC S1E1

The flight was delayed tho. it was very annoying and sad.

Finally it took off after like some 30mins. It was smooth thanks to pilot Eugene and also to my new friend I met on board (don’t ask me but just know he was cute ).

I and other fellow corpers received a warm welcome at the airport by some batch B set of corpers from NCCF (Nigerian Christian corpers fellowship) and was given a ride to our camp directly. Well it was for a token of 1500 naira.

CC S1E1c

The road was terrible with the  pot holes ,loops ,terrible ridges and all. sometimes we all had to get down from the car before it could move. Mtchew. Such is life as they say.
Word to upcoming corpers ensure you have enough cash on you , because most camps don’t allow you leave as soon as you register.

CC S1 E1d
At my camp the process wasn’t that bad. The first point was the police checkpoint where your personal belongings would be checked and contraband seized.
Next  agenda was to get accommodation  The mattress given was an eyesore , so flat and looked terrible of which you have no choice than to use it. Then I got my room of more than say 100 people. In subsequent post I would share the view.
I ensured I got the down bunk space for my comfort but it also has disadvantages sha.disadvantages like your bunk-mate could step on your bed without permission and things like that. so if you know you cant stand such ,just take the upper space.
I and some new friends I met from the airport hung in for each other(Dami, Chiedu ,dotun). The process wasn’t that stressful and it was quick unlike my expectations of hours from what i heard before i came to camp.

Finally I was assigned to platoon 2. I collected my kits and as usual they were XXXL for me. The worse was the shoes given to me. They were two sizes bigger than mine. After hours of waiting for someone to exchange with I gave up. Then I had to look for a tailor at the mammy market to help me adjust my khaki at an alarming price.
Before I could even get a shower and change to my whites the soldiers started chasing us out. If you had seen me ehn ! I was dripping water from my body. So I had to run to the parade ground while dressing up on the road.Na wa o .wore my whites(white top + white shorts + white tennis shoes and not to forget my cap.) First day ginger. some people escaped the first day drills.
The soldiers at my camp where nice. Finished by 6:30pm. We were given instructions and rules.
I went back and bought some things. I and my side bunk mate went to eat at mammy market. The food was reasonable. After that I retired back to my hostel to rest. Even as I’m writing this I’m crazily tried and have to sleep.


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